Official Selection


by Abel Ferrara
Italy, Germany, UK, 2022, 104', color
screenplay: Abel Ferrara, Maurizio Braucci
01 September 11:30 - Sala Perla
Press, Industry
02 September 16:45 - Sala Perla
Public, all accreditations
Followed by Q&A
09 September 11:15 - Sala Perla
Public, all accreditations

Alessandro Abate
Leonardo Daniel Bianchi
Joe Delia
Lavinia Burcheri
production design
Tommaso Ortino
Antonella Cannarozzi

Shia Labeouf (Padre Pio)
Cristina Chiriac (Giovanna)
Marco Leonardi (Gerardo)
Asia Argento (Tall Man)
Vincenzo Crea (Luigi)
Luca Lionello (Silvestro)
Salvatore Ruocco (Vincenzo)
Brando Pacitto (Renato)
Stella Mastrantonio (Elvira)
Martina Gatti (Anna)
Roberta Mattei (Susanna)
Anna Ferrara (Diana)

Maze Pictures
Interlinea Film
Rimsky Productions
Philipp Kreuzer
Diana Phillips
Maurizio Antonini
with the support of
Apulia Film Commission
in association with
Carte Blance

international press office
Gloria Zerbinati

It is the end of World War I and the young Italian soldiers are making their way back to San Giovanni Rotondo, a land of poverty, with a tradition of violence and submission to the iron-clad rule of the church and its wealthy landowners. Families are desperate, the men are broken, albeit victorious. Padre Pio also arrives, at a remote Capuchin monastery, to begin his ministry, evoking an aura of charisma, saintliness and epic visions of Jesus, Mary and the Devil himself. The eve of the first free elections in Italy sets the stage for a massacre with a metaphorical dimension: an apocalyptic event that changes the course of history.

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“This is not a film about miracles, but about a man, born Francesco Forgione, in  Pietralcina, a farming village outside Naples. A visionary since childhood, he was a troubled, questioning youth, struggling to find his true calling and place in the eyes of his Lord. On his arrival in San Giovanni Rotondo, in the mountains of the Gargano, he discovers a godforsaken region rife with poverty, sickness, and political turmoil. In ministering to the poor there, after the devastation of the First World War, he finds his true calling in service, love, and empathy, in the holy sacraments, the rite of confession, and the celebration of the Mass, all of which are aids in counteracting the demonic forces in that autumn of 1920.”

Abel Ferrara (New York, 1951) directed his first feature film in 1979: The Driller Killer. It was a debut that marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with Nicholas St. John. In the 1990s, Ferrara would turn out King of New York (1990), Bad Lieutenant (1992), and The Funeral (1996, which was also the last film he made with Nicholas St. John), among others, plus the new screen adaptation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers directed by Jack Finney, Body Snatchers (1993). In 2005, Ferrara won the Grand Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival for his film Mary. His most recent films, some of which were made in Italy, include 4:44 – Last Day on Earth (2011), Welcome to New York (2014), Pasolini (2014), Siberia (2019), and Tommaso (2019)