02 September 10:30 - Sala Laguna
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Italy’s Law on Cinema has introduced equal opportunity incentives, and this is a first. Nevertheless, there has only been a 1% increase in gender-balanced projects, as against a 36% increase in France, due to a similar law introducing such incentives. Why such a disparity? What are the differences, and which strategies need to be adopted in our country to improve these results and reach a European standard, at least?

The audiovisual industry plays a strategic role in the fight for gender equality. Indeed, it can make a major contribution to cultural change and do so directly, by offering a different model for society and making room for a multitude of filmmakers of both sexes. Consequently, the industry can shape and influence perceptions, ideas and behaviors in order to overcome discrimination and abuse. There is no doubt, therefore, that audiovisual content can accelerate structural change in the direction of equality, yet all those who still experience gender discrimination today must be given a voice and equal access.

With an initiative on the program of events at Giornate 2022, one that may well provide a key step forward in this process, 100autori is promoting a debate on the various issues related to gender equality policies, along with the measures and programs to support the goal (training, production, film festivals, research and monitoring of the industry’s progress). The Head of Cabinet at MiC, Annalisa Cipollone, will discuss the regulatory front, while Celeste Costantino, coordinator of MiC’s Observatory on Gender Equality, will outline the research and monitoring required to assess progress in reaching these aims.
Marta Donzelli, president of CSC, will tackle the aspects of educational and training tools as well as film production, while Gaia Furrer, Artistic Director of Giornate, will bring the discussion around to the role of women in the arts today and what film promotion can achieve.

Paola Randi, screenwriter and director, and member of the Board of Directors of 100autori, will be moderating the panel discussion.
The president of the Giornate jury, Céline Sciamma, will introduce the discussion. Other speakers include: Francesca Romana De Martini (The National Union of Stage and Audiovisual Performers), Nevina Satta (Director of the Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission), Margherita Ferri (filmmaker and screenwriter), and Annamaria Granatello (Director of the Solinas Award).