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Cigare au miel
Honey Cigar

by Kamir Aïnouz
France, Algeria, 2020, 100', color, DCP
Screenplay: Kamir Aïnouz
Wednesday 02 September 2020
17:15 Sala Perla All Accreditations
Followed by Q&A
Friday 04 September 2020
21:00 Cinema Rossini Tickets
Tuesday 08 September 2020
22:00 Sala Astra 1 Tickets, All Accreditations
Tuesday 08 September 2020
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Kamir Aïnouz
Jeanne Lapoirie
Albertine Lastera 

Melissa Petitjean
Laurent Benaïm
Héléna Reveillere
Corinne Dubien
Julie Roué
production design
Angelo Zamparutti
Isabelle Pannetier

Zoé Adjani
Amira Casar
[Selma's mother]
Lyes Salem
[Selma's father]
Louis Peres
Idir Chender
Axel Grandberger
Jud Bengana
Rym Takoucht
[Hafida Benslimane]

Samir El Hakim
[Hafida Benslimane's father]
Fatima Hachache
Jean-Yves Chilot
Robert Bradford
Blu Yoshimi
Xavier Mussel
[first aid doctor]
Zinedine Hamdouche
[Algerian military]

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Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar
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Dany Boon
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Paris, 1993. Selma, 17, lives in a bourgeois and secular Berber family. When she meets and is strongly attracted to Julien, a dashing young man, she realizes for the first time the heavy rules of her patriarchal family and how they affect her intimacy. As Islamism takes over her country of origin and her family crumbles, Selma discovers the power of her own desire. She must resist and fight. Through the strength of her people, she starts walking down the path of what it means to become a free woman.



2020 Cigare au miel [Honey Cigar]

I grew up in Paris, in a family of highly educated Algerian immigrants. As adolescence hit me in the 1990's, I crashed head onto a patriarchal culture that knew no frontier. Nothing, not even my mother's repeated warnings, prepared me for the violence of the universal domination of one gender over another: I discovered that women's bodies were battlefields. Luckily, I came from a family of revolutionaries. When I went back home to Algiers and Kabylia, I would see the women in my family speak their minds through their eyes, their gestures, their body language. I would see the men respond to them in that same way. Desire, even if unspoken, was everywhere. With Honey Cigar, I wanted to explore the ways to break free from the hardest and, sometimes, the sweetest of chains.

Born in Paris of Algerian parents, Kamir Aïnouz lived seven years in Los Angeles where she studied film writing at UCLA and participated in various filmmaking workshops at USC-School of Cinematic Arts. Sister of renowned Brazilian-Algerian director Karim Aïnouz, Kamir has been developing original content inspired by her dual Algerian and French culture. She has also worked as a screenwriter for cinema and television, notably on Lol by Lisa Azuelos. Honey Cigar is her directorial debut. Her original script was selected at the Rawi Screenwriters Lab with the Sundance Institute and awarded the Association Beaumarchais-SACD cinema grant.

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