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by Ivan Ikić
Serbia, Slovenia, The Netherlands, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2020, 122', color, DCP
Screenplay: Ivan Ikić
Wednesday 02 September 2020
08:30 Sala Perla Press, Industry
Thursday 03 September 2020
17:00 Sala Perla All Accreditations
Followed by Q&A
Friday 04 September 2020
15:00 Cinema Rossini Tickets
Wednesday 09 September 2020
22:15 Sala Astra 1 Tickets, All Accreditations
Wednesday 09 September 2020
22:30 Sala Astra 2 Tickets, All Accreditations

Milos Jacimovic 
Dragan Von Petrovic

Aleksandar Perovic
production design
Dragana Bacovic
Milica Kolaric

Marijana Novakov
Tijana Markovic
Valentino Zenuni
Milica Djindjic
Sasa Strugar
Marusa Majer
[caretaker Vera]
Goran Bogdan
[caretaker Vlada]

Milan & Marija Stojanovic
SENSE Production

Miha Cernec
Jozko Rutar
Derk-Jan Warrink
Koji Nelissen
Adis Djapo
Amra Baksic Camo
Antoine Simkine
Tramal Films
Kepler Film
Les Films d'Antoine

world sales
Heretic Outreach

press office
Manlin Sterner

Upon her arrival at an institution for people with mental disabilities, Maria becomes fast friends with the equally fiery Dragana. When it becomes clear that they are both in love with the more withdrawn Robert, their relationship is upset and gradually grows into a dangerous game of hide-and-seek to win him over. Being condemned to a lifetime of hiding away from society, the three teenagers' profound longing for independence and human connection takes hold. Driven by the newfound feelings of desire and envy, their impulsive actions topple the delicate balance preserved by the institution's stifling rules and spill over into confrontation and desperate measures for any way out.



2020 Oaza [Oasis]

2014 Varvari [Barbarians]
2010 Tarot Srbija [doc]

As a film student, I had the opportunity to visit one of these institutions and do some documentary work there. What I found is a love triangle with a melodramatic plot between a male resident and two of the female residents, which almost had a fatal ending. This story surpassed the possibilities and limits of the documentary I was filming at that moment, but became the core inspiration for this film. [...] The film was shot in real locations at an existing institution and actual residents found there played the main characters. The "actors" went through a workshop where they were slowly introduced to the characters they are to play, while the script was adapted to the real characters of the participants. In that way the film has authenticity and the participants were not forced into a situation which is not close to their characteristics in real life. During my earlier experience, while performing a documentary shoot in the institution, I gained the trust of the residents to share their world of honest and intense emotion with me. In me, they found a mediator, a way to channel their honest cry to the world, a world which does not understand them, and has no desire to. I have taken a vow that their cry will, somehow, be heard.

Ivan Ikić (Belgrade, 1982) studied film and television directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade. He attended both the Berlinale Talent Campus and the Berlinale Dox Clinic in 2008. He is the director of the feature film Barbarians, which won the Special Jury Prize at Karlovy Vary IFF and numerous other awards at over 35 international festivals. In 2016, he was one of six directors selected for Cannes' Cinefondation Residence, where he developed Oasis.

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