by Elisa Fuksas
Italy, 2020, 80', color, DCP
Screenplay: Elisa Fuksas
Friday 04 September 2020
21:30 Isola degli Autori Public, free entrance
V.O. ITA sub ENG
Reservation required on starting from August 31st

Elisa Fuksas

Natalie Cristiani
Francesco Vallocchia

Elisa Fuksas 
Alessia Correani
Michele Gallucci

Benedetto Habib
Marco Cohen
Fabrizio Donvito
Daniel Campos Pavoncelli
Indiana Production
with Rai Cinema

Indiana Production


press office
Lionella Bianca Fiorillo
Daniela Staffa

On the eve of the pandemic, I learned I was very sick. Practically at the same time, my best friend, whom I'd lost touch with, became sick herself, and this brought us together again.  Springing from a sequence of unimaginable events, this film took shape in a new world and in lockdown, and was made exclusively using my cellphone. It investigates the power of storytelling, which is able to dispel the fear of living and dying, and it probes the mystery of every friendship, every faith.



2020 iSola [doc]
2019 The App
2018 ALBE.  A Life Beyond Earth  [doc]
2015 Black Mirror.
A journey with Mat Collishaw [doc]
2015 La nuvola. Work in progress  [doc]
2014 Chinese Honeymoon  [doc]
2012 Nina
2010 FFR: For Future Reference [doc]
2009 L'Italia del nostro scontento
[segment: Green, doc]
2007 Please leave a message [short]

This story wasn't conceived as a film, at first; it was meant to be an antidote to the fear of my disease, and Covid-19, and being alone. This is why I made the first story about myself: at a such a difficult time, personally and historically, I chose irony as a way to work through what was happening. Filming, and filming myself, with the only device I had access to - my cellphone - was not a stylistic approach; it was a question of survival. Spontaneity and immediacy were my bywords as I filmed everything just as it unfolded, as I experienced it, with no thought of propriety or appropriacy in an aesthetic or formal sense. What appears - what I appear as - comes later: I tried to choose the truth, which isn't everything, but it's a beginning.

Elisa Fuksas (Rome, 1981) is an author and filmmaker. Her documentaries include L'Italia del nostro scontentoFFR: For Future ReferenceBlack Mirror: A Journey with Mat Collishaw, and the sci-fi doc ALBE. Her first feature film is the 2012 Nina, starring Luca Marinelli and Diane Fleri. In 2019 she directed The App for Netflix. Her first two novels are La figlia di and Michele, Anna e la termodinamica, while her new novel, Ama e fai quello che vuoi, will be published shortly.

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