Pigneto Film Festival

Tuesday 03 September 2019
21:00 Villa degli Autori 

Pigneto is the quirky Roman neighborhood that has many faces. For a start, it served as the set for Pier Paolo Pasolini's Accattone and for other Italian classics like Rome, Open City by Roberto Rossellini.

Since 2018, it has hosted the Pigneto Film Festival, the week-long international showcase with a slate of events, screenings and a competition in which five non-Italian directors have the chance to make a short film about the neighborhood and their own stories - and make it during the festival itself.

This year Giornate degli Autori has decided to show its support of the Pigneto Film Festival by scheduling a screening of the winning short in its own section Notti Veneziane. The winner for the second edition of the award is Pina by Julia Shuvchinskaia.

Pina is an urban fairy tale about two lonely, ‘wronged' individuals whose paths cross: a girl with a noticeable scar on her face, who lives in her own imaginary world, and a boy who is blind. The lovers use their five, or four, senses to weave a fairy tale out of their fears, their associations, their urban landscapes and forays into nature, which is really the star of the short.

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