Tuesday 03 September 2019
21:30 Villa degli Autori 

Dario Albertini and Riccardo Sinigallia team up for the story of a friendship that grows and deepens to the strains of music. Frankino is the last man on the earth in the short film The Last Man Breathing, but he's also in "Dudù", Sinigallia's new single, from his album Ciao Cuore (Sugar). The short and the video clip: two separate efforts with a common thread, since they're both directed by Albertini, and turn the world of one of Italy's most sophisticated musicians into images.      
"Dudù" is a track on the album Ciao Cuore (Sugar), elected Album of the Year by "Top 2018" (which ranks the best Italian albums of the year). Riccardo Sinigallia has a special connection with the film medium and has created soundtracks for numerous films.
Dario Albertini is presenting his short The Last Man Breathing, a film he kept on the back burner for far too long. It's an intimate, solitary and utterly dystopian journey that he turned into a film before his acclaimed debut with Manuel, which premiered at Venice in 2017. The short will be distributed by Artchivio.
After the screenings of the video clip and the short, Riccardo Sinigallia will perform a number of his songs for the Giornate audience.

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