Friday 30 August 2019
11:00 Villa degli Autori 

Enrico Ghezzi transports the Giornate audiences to his world - a world for which he imagined the unimaginable, anticipated trends to come and dreamed up cult shows like Blob, the late-1980s hit that became a byword for Italy's popular culture.

Today Ghezzi has joined forces with MalastradafilmZomia, and H12 - the merry band that has become his creative team of late - to develop a film using the material he has filmed over his thirty-year-long career on over five hundred video cassettes. Private life and master filmmakers; faces, places, journeys and critiques, are all packed into the same tapes: it's a new genre. 

"Cinema is the first time the world gets a second look at itself," Ghezzi had mused a few years ago, here in Venice, as it happens. "So we all know it's not real, it's a bag of tricks [] It's a little setup - mechanical, banal, simple, and corruptible - but all that is needed for a second look." And his team adds: "We never cared about doing this film without living it or loving it. We never once thought of making this film for any other reason."

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