EU President David Sassoli at Giornate degli Autori

The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, will be on the Lido tomorrow to meet with film professonals and the press at Villa degli Autori at 3:30 pm. He will be joined by Andrea Purgatori (president of Giornate) and Giuseppe Giulietti (president of FNSI).

The talk, one of the events on the 28 Times Cinema program, will focus on the role of the audiovisual industry in Europe, and particularly on issues connected with the Copyright Directive recently adopted by the European Parliament. 

Andrea Purgatori sums up as follows the expectations of Italian and European filmmakers in this area: "Enforce the copyright directive; defend the right of writers and directors to demand that the top players in the network give a part of their billion-dollar profits back to those who created the content they use, and reinvest those funds in production;  and ramp up the commitment to fighting piracy - these are the main goals that Italian and European writers and directors are struggling to achieve and will continue to. We will be asking the presidency of the European Parliament to match our support of these issues."

"Together we'll be asking President Sassoli," says Giuseppe Giulietti, "to ensure that the EU governing bodies provide oversight for the correct application of the copyright directive, which has moved slowly in Italy, with the opposition of the previous administration. We will ask the new government now taking shape to free writers and filmmakers from censorship and other constraints, starting with economic ones. And we'll ask the EP and other EU institutions, decades on, to issue a directive that protects freedom of expression and creativity from ‘harassment' of every kind and stripe. Lastly, we thank Giornate degli Autori, which has always been a testing ground for and driving force behind these civic campaigns, and we are grateful to the family of Antonio Megalizzi, which will be honoring us with its presence."

The talk with President Sassoli will conclude the meeting between the young cinephiles and jurors from the 28 Times Cinema program and representatives of the European Parliament, scheduled for 3 pm tomorrow at the Villa degli Autori.