Official Selection


by Amjad Abu Alala
Sudan, France, Egypt, Germany, Norway, Qatar, 103', color, DCP
Screenplay: Youssef Ibrahim, Amjad Abu Alala
Thursday 29 August 2019
11:30 Sala Perla Press, Industry
Saturday 31 August 2019
17:00 Sala Perla Tickets, All Accreditations
Followed by Q&A
Saturday 07 September 2019
17:00 Sala Perla All Accreditations

Sébastien Goepfert
Heba Othman
Amine Bouhafa
Rawad Hobeika
Rana Eid
Florent Lavallée

Mustafa Shehata [Muzamil]
Islam Mubark [Sakina]
Mahmoud Elsaraj
Bunna Khalid [Naima]
Talal Afifi [Alnoor]
Amal Mustafa
[Set Alnesea]
Moatasem Rashid
[Muzamil Kid]
Asjad Mohamed
[Naima Kid]

Arnaud Dommerc
Hossam Elouan
Ingrid Lill Högtun
Michael Henrichs
Transit Films
Die Gesellschaft DGS

Amjad Abu Alala
Mohammed Alomda
Linda Bolstad Strönen
Marie Fuglestein Lægreid
Station Films Cinema Production

Sudan, province of Aljazira, the present. Shortly after Muzamil was born, a prophecy by the holy man of the village predicts that he will die at age 20. Muzamil's father cannot stand the curse and leaves home. Sakina raises her son as a single mother, overly protective. One day, Muzamil turns 19.



2019 You Will Die at 20
2012 Studio (short)
2009 Teena (short)
2007 Reesh Altoyoor (Feathers of the Birds, short)
2004 Orange and Coffee (short)
2003 Slump on Cannes roads (short)
2001 In the End of the fall (short)

Amjad Abu Alala is a Sudanese filmmaker who was born and raised in the UAE. He studied media at United Arab Emirates University. As a producer and director, he has made numerous short films that have been shown at film festivals, including Orange and Coffee (2004), Feathers of the Birds (2007) and Teena (2009), which is considered to mark the return of cinema in Sudan. His Studio (2012) was supervised during a workshop conducted by Abbas Kiarostami. In 2013, Abu Alala won the Best Arabic Theatre Script Award from the Arab Authority, for Apple Pies. Currently, Abu Alala is Head of the Programming Committee of the Sudan Independent Film Festival.

"Muzamil is just one of us, like many of us when we sometimes get stuck in society's roles! Stuck in a box that we are not supposed to get out of and smell the air! The story portrays so much grief and pain in those communities that are drowning in ignorance, believing in imposters' supersti- tions. Muzamil has spent his lifetime paying the price for everyone around him just believing in nothingness, to the extent that he has embraced the idea of his own death. My film is an invitation to freedom. Nothing and no one should ever tell you: Muzamil, this is your destiny, it's written in stone and you should stick to it. You need to run, kid!" [Amjad Abu Alala]

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