Venetian Nights


by Maddalena Stornaiuolo
Antonio Ruocco
Italy, 2019, 10', color
Screenplay: Rosario Esposito La Rossa
Monday 02 September 2019
21:00 Villa degli Autori Free entrance is subjects to the availability

based on Fiori d'agave
by Rosario Esposito La Rossa

Julien Panzarasa

Alessio Conte
Agostino Chiummariello
Pina Di Gennaro
Maddalena Stornaiuolo

Gianluca Arcopinto
Giulia D'Amato
Rosario Esposito La Rossa
La Scugnizzeria
in collaboration with
Collettivo Mina
with the support of
Cassa di Sovvenzioni e Risparmio - Banca d'Italia

italian distribution
Kio film

In a middle school on the northern outskirts of Naples, a teenager roughly fifteen years old appears before the examiners to earn his diploma. The professors are as skeptical as can be expected about a student who has repeated the year more than once, but the boy isn't intimidated and delivers his oral report about history, his own personal history, marred by a tragedy, and then moves on to discuss the human body and the sculpture The Veiled Christ. The teachers hear him out in silence; a passing grade is all he asks for. The film was conceived and produced as part of a film production course at Vodisca Teatro / La Scugnizzeria held by Gianluca Arcopinto and Vincenzo Marra.



Maddalena Stornaiuolo
2019 Sufficiente (short)

Antonio Ruocco
2019 Sufficiente (short)
2010 La strage di Sant'Alessandro (doc)
2010 Angeli caduti (short)

A stage and screen actress, Maddalena Stornaiuolo played Gelsomina Verde in the film of the same name by Massimiliano Pacifico, selected for the Pesaro Film Festival. She has also appeared in Assolo by Massimo Piccolo and Resto con te by Vincenzo Caiazzo. On stage, she starred in Lenuccia - Una partigiana del Sud. She founded an acting school in Scampia called La Scugnizzeria.

Antonio Ruocco's short film Angeli caduti was selected for the Festival del cinema autoprodotto. He co-directed the documentary La strage di Sant'Alessandro with Gaetano Acunzo. Since 2011 he has been playwright, director and president of the association Karma Arte Cultura Teatro, which produces theatrical productions held on sites of cultural interest.

"We wanted to convey the drama of a feud that hasn't spared women and children. Through the stark reality of the situation, and with the aim of drawing out the lead character's inner war which he thinks he has already won, but makes no sense to the outside world. We chose close-ups to show the wrinkles on the soul of a child aged beyond his years, looking for his reward in the only place that could mete out justice: his school. But the school doesn't know how to listen to or understand the students it judges. Sufficiente means the lowest passing grade that you need to move on, and that's enough for Genny Russo, known as Genny Genny. So Sufficiente is a good grade, good enough, a step forward." [Maddalena Stornaiuolo, Antonio Ruocco]

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