Venetian Nights


by Jared P. Scott
UK, 2019, 91', color
Screenplay: Jared P. Scott
Saturday 31 August 2019
21:30 Villa degli Autori Free entrance is subjects to the availability

Timothy Cragg
Pilar Rico
Charlie Mole
Inna Modja
Adam Prescod

Inna Modja
Didier Awadi
Songhoy Blues
Betty G

Fernando Meirelles
Sarah Macdonald
Alexander Asen
Make Waves 
in association with
The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Nick North
Charly W. Feldman
Fabrizio Zago
Camilla Nordheim-Larsen
Claude Grunitzky
Sian Kevill
Inna Modja
Marco Conti Sikic
Giulia Braga

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Connect4Climate - World Bank Group
Building Energy
Wallace Global Fund
African Union
Global Environment Facility
Irish Aid
SOS Sahel
Tree Aid

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WaZabi Films

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Rebecca Ashdown

Executive Producer Fernando Meirelles and Malian musician Inna Modja take us on an epic journey along Africa's Great Green Wall - an ambitious vision to grow a wall of trees stretching across the entire continent to fight against increasing drought, desertification and climate change.



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2016 The Age of Consequences (doc)
2015 Requiem for the American Dream (doc)
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2013 Do the Math (doc)

Jared P. Scott is an award-winning filmmaker. Jared's climate films have been released theatrically (US, Canada, UK), premiered at top-tier festivals and distributed in over 200 countries and territories. They have also screened at high-level events. His films helped spark the fossil fuel divestment movement and galvanized the largest climate march in history days before the 2014 UN Climate Summit.

"Years ago, I married my love of storytelling and film with my passion for this issue. We all wanted to find a unique way to tell this story. It was exciting to use music. Inna is writing it whilst she is opening up emotionally and intellectually to the experiences of the GGW. We see her process her experiences in real time: from being aware to having an acute understanding of people's issues. This feels authentic, rather than scripted. It was organic - like a diary written in the present tense by a singer and environmentalist with deep local connections. I want the audience of this film to be in every moment." [Jared P. Scott]

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