Venetian Nights


by Tomaso Pessina
Italy, 2019, 68', color
Screenplay: Tomaso Pessina
Wednesday 04 September 2019
21:30 Villa degli Autori Free entrance is subjects to the availability
Thursday 05 September 2019
18:30 Cinema Rossini Tickets
Thursday 05 September 2019
18:30 IMG Cinemas Candiani - Mestre Tickets

Michele Vairo
Lucio Pontoni
Olga Stopazzolo

Matia Strang

Toni Servillo

Elena Pedrazzini
Twin Studio

in collaboration with
Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova

Twin Studio

Press office
Studio Systema
Adriana Vianello
+39 349 0081276

The documentary is about the well-known Venetian artist, Emilio Vedova, born exactly one hundred years ago. Our guide to the artist's life is his own diaries, read to us by a superb actor: Toni Servillo. The portrait of the artist is rounded out by interviews with influential figures in the art world who knew Vedova and saw him in action. Above all, however, it is Vedova himself who erupts on the screen, thanks to never-before-seen archival footage and his own painting style.



2019 Emilio Vedova.
Dalla parte del naufragio
2015 Africa Mission (doc)
2005 Quando tocca a te (short)
2003 Fuori Tempo (short)
2001 Quasi Pietra (short)

Tomaso Pessina is a screenwriter and director who lives and works in Milan. His introduction to filmmaking was via courses at New York University, but more importantly, his experience on set working with his mentor Pupi Avati, Giulio Manfredonia, and Antonio Albanese, among others. Once back in Milan, he and Elena Pedrazzini co-founded Twin Studio, a production company and creative space that made films about fashion and the art world. Pessina has made numerous videos and documentaries in Italy, Europe, America and China, all experiences that gave him the privilege of working with stars such as Penelope Cruz, Leo Wu Lei and Liu Shishi.

"When we thought about how to portray an artist on screen, our first answer was: through the physicality of his brushstrokes. Our second answer was: in his own words. These were the two cornerstones of our investigation into Vedova. We let the words of Vedova's diary guide us, read movingly by Toni Servillo, as well as the voice of the artist himself and images of the artist that emerge from partly unpublished archival footage. Vedova's painting reflects the volcanic personality of a witness to troubled times, all against the sumptuous backdrop of the city of Venice, in all its splendor and shadows." [Tomaso Pessina]

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