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by Mario Sesti
Italy, 2019, 75', color, DCP
Screenplay: Mario Sesti
Tuesday 03 September 2019
11:30 Sala Perla Tickets, All Accreditations
Thursday 05 September 2019
11:30 Sala Perla All Accreditations

Tommaso Sesti
Federico Badaloni

Domenico Monetti
Antonio Tentori
Mino Loy
Sabina Ambrogi
Luana De Vita
Albadoro Gala

Pierfrancesco Fiorenza
Augustus Color
with the support of
Regione Lazio

Compass Film

Stock footage from twelve erotic documentaries from the 1960s, interwoven and tightly paced courtesy of an editing that is at times almost hypnotic, to the beat of contemporary sounds created ad hoc. The director's voice breaks in with a narration inspired by Roland Barthes. The documentary offers a close-up look at the art of the strip-tease and the night-life of the Sixties, in a world of naked desire.



2019 Mondo sexy (doc)
2019 Cinecittà - I mestieri del cinema.
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2017 La voce di Fantozzi (doc)
2015 Senza Lucio (doc)
2013 La voce di Berlinguer (doc, with Theo Teardo)
2012 Fiamme di Gadda.
A spasso con l'ingegnere
2005 La voce di Pasolini (doc, with Matteo Cerami)
2003 L'ultima sequenza (doc)
1997 L'uomo dal sigaro in bocca (doc)

Critic, journalist and film director, Mario Sesti hosts a television program on film and culture at large on Iris (Splendor - Suoni e Visioni). He has directed over ten documentaries selected for festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Locarno and Torino. He has twice won an award for the best book about film (for his Nuovo Cinema Italiano in 1994 and his Tutti i film di Pietro Germi in 1997). In 2005 he won the Diego Fabbri Award for best film-related book of the year (In quel film c'è un segreto). Sesti is a curator of the Rome Film Fest and directed the Taormina Film Fest from 2012 to 2014. He co-wrote the screenplay for the films Appassionate (1999) and Cosa c'entra con l'amore (1997); for the latter he was awarded the Solinas Prize, together with Ivan Cotroneo and Silvia Barbiera.

"The film hunts out and deconstructs the personalities, narratives and production styles of these low-budget but big box office films (that could rake in up to four times what they cost to turn out), but above all outs all the variations on discrimination, sexual stereotypes, and exploitation of the woman's body that appear highly controversial today. All are aspects that this film examines as if under a microscope, one that is ‘involuntarily' revealing. By means of interviews with critics and experts on the genre, as well as female journalists and contemporary scholars, therapists and burlesque performers, I tried to map out and reconstruct the set of images associated with this film genre. Then understand the ways in which it reflects society, rituality, mainstream ideas and behaviors, and starting from that one scene, how, after the worldwide revolution of the #MeToo movement, it exposes the distance between us today and a mentality whose limits, inadequacy and abuse of power we can now see clearly." [Mario Sesti]

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