Miu Miu Women’s Tales

In the last few years, Miu Miu Women’s Tales has invited filmmakers from around the world, endowed with their distinct sensibilities and styles, to celebrate the ‘second sex’ in the 21st century, probing it with a critical eye but also with the camaraderie of fellow travelers of a universe that includes Zoe CassavetesLucrecia MartelGiada ColagrandeMassy TadjedinAva DuVernayHiam AbbassSo Yong KimMiranda JulyAlice RohrwacherAgnès VardaNaomi KawaseCrystal MoselleChloë SevignyCelia Rowlson-HallDakota FanningHaifaa Al-MansourHailey GatesLynne RamsayMałgorzata SzumowskaMati DiopIsabel Sandoval and Kaouther Ben Hania.

Venetian Nights

The edgiest offerings on the 2021 Giornate degli Autori slate are on show on our Venetian Nights lineup, which is a concentrate of the experimental tradition developed by Isola Edipo and Giornate in parallel. This is a new space jointly conceived by Giornate and Silvia Jop and devoted to the creative bonds between the film medium and the other arts, from theater to the visual arts and music.