Tënk, the platform focused on creative documentaries

Tuesday 07 September 2021
18:30 Isola Edipo - Spazio GdA 

Tënk is a subscription video platform focused on documentaries from past and present, from cinemas, festivals or independent productions. Created 5 years ago in France, Tënk is now available all across the EU and UK in French, English and now in Italian on tenk.eu.com. In partnership with the Festival Dei Popoli and Giornate Degli Autori, Tënk presents you the brand-new platform and the film releases for the next months on Tuesday, September 7th, 6:30pm at Isola Edipo - Spazio GdA in Venice.

Tënk is a response to the realization that independent documentary films today are sorely lacking in exposure. Obviously, they get given a high profile at film festivals, in film schools and within the inner circles of film-lovers. And if you hunt around enough, you can still sometimes find them on TV, but rudely hidden away. This is why Tënk has set itself up as an alternative platform within the independent documentary film economy.

With 5 new films released every week, online for 2 months, Tënk's subscribers get unlimited access to 40 documentary films constantly renewed. These 250 films released each year are carefully curated by experts, a team of twenty men and women from the auteur documentary circuit in France, Germany and Italy.

Tënk subscribers can also discover a unique catalog of 400 hand-picked rare films available to rent for €2, from Bella e Perduta by Pietro Marcello to From the Depths by Valentina Pedicini and Brand New Day by Amos Gitaï.

The main film releases from September to December 2021 on tenk.eu.com: A special selection for the 78th Venice International Film Festival in partnership with Le Giornate degli Autori from September 3rd to October 30th with iSola by Elisa Fuksas, Cielo senza terra by Sara Pozzoli, Giovanni Maderna and The Event by Sergueï Loznitsa. An homage to Johan van der Keuken is also online with four films.

In November Tënk have two special releases in partnership with Festival Dei Popoli with the Tënk Award of 2020 Il Libro di Giona by Zlatolin Donchev, Chaco by Fausta Quattrini, Daniele Incalcaterra and a special homage to the authors Elizabeth Perceval e Nicolas Klotz.

Films such as La tivu di Fellini by Tatti Sanguineti; Rat Film by Theo Anthony; Symphony of the Ursus Factory by Jasmine Wojcik or Bird Island by Maya Kosa et Sergio Da Costa will also be available online at tenk.eu.com.

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