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by Iván Fund
Argentina, Chile, Spain, 2021, 87', color
Screenplay: Santiago Loza,
Iván Fund, Martín Felipe Castagnet
11:30 Sala Perla Press, Industry
17:00 Sala Perla All Accreditations
Followed by Q&A
22:15 Sala Astra 1 Tickets, all Accreditations
22:30 Sala Astra 2  Tickets, all Accreditations


Gustavo Schiaffino
Lorena Moriconi
Iván Fund
Francisco Cerda
Leandro de Loredo
production design
Adrián Suárez
Betania Cappato

Maricel Álvarez
Mara Bestelli
Alfredo Castro
Marcelo Subiotto
Jeremías Kuharo

Laura Mara Tablón
Rita Cine
Insomnia Films
Catalina Vergara
Globo Rojo Films
Nephilim Producciones

with the support of
San Sebastian WIP Award
Mecenazgo Fund

Less than a year ago, Greta's son mysteriously disappeared by the sea. As she and her husband Bruno are struggling with grief, her friend Sina travels to the coast to help them sell their summer beach house. While they are packing everything up and getting ready to move out, Bruno claims to have seen something that confirms the locals' rumors: the appearance of a strange shape coming from the sea.



2021 Piedra noche
2018 Vendrán lluvias suaves 
2017 Toublanc 
2014 El asombro
(doc, directed with Santiago Loza, Lorena Moriconi)
2013 Ab (doc, directed with Andreas Koefoed)
2012 Me perdí hace una semana
2011 Hoy no tuve miedo 
2010 Los labios (directed with Santiago Loza)
2009 La risa

"The relationship with our childhood and the time that passes. The ability to live with the belief systems of another, and the tenderness of that pact. To plastically idealize the film and give it this air of a 50s film but with a more "realistic" vibe, almost documentary-like, in a double movement: on the one hand, the everyday elements are those that enable the fantasy, and then the appearance of the fantastical element works as a catalyst to allow us to pay attention to those emotions that disappear if you look directly at them. I seek to build a personal story with a more universal resonance." [Iván Fund]

Iván Fund (San Cristóbal, Argentina, 1984) has directed the feature films The Laugh (2009), a competitor at BAFICI; The Lips (2010), co-directed with Santiago Loza, and for which all three female stars won the Best Actress award in Un Certain Regard at the Festival de Cannes; Today I Felt No Fear (2011), Best Photography Award at BAFICI; I Got Lost a Week Ago (2012), which competed at Mar del Plata; Toublanc (2017) and Soft Rains Will Come (2018), Special Jury Prize-winner at the same festival. Fund has also co-directed the documentaries Ab (2013), with Andreas Koefoed, and El asombro (2014), with Santiago Loza and Lorena Moriconi.

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