Official Selection

Emma Peeters

by Nicole Palo
Belgium, Canada, 2018, 87', color, DCP
Screenplay: Nicole Palo
Tuesday 04 September 2018
22:00 Sala Perla 2 Press, Industry
Saturday 08 September 2018
11:45 Sala Perla Tickets, All Accreditations

Closing film
Out of competition

Nicole Palo
Tobie Marier Robitaille
Frédérique Broos

Robert Marcel Lepage
Martyne Morin
production design
Isabelle Girard
Gaëlle Fierens

Monia Chokri
(Emma Peeters)

Fabrice Adde
(Alex Bodart)

Stéphanie Crayencour

Andréa Ferréol

Anne Sylvain
(Emma's mother)

Jean-Henri Compère
(Emma's father)

Thomas Mustin (Bob)
Jean-Noël Delfanne (Serge)

Take Five
Possibles Média
Gregory Zalcman
Alon Knol
Serge Noël

Emma Peeters will soon be 35 and has yet to accomplish something. After years of hardships in Paris trying to become an actress, an idea strikes her fancy: bringing her days to an end in a week's time, on her birthday. In the process Emma meets Alex Bodart, a fanciful funeral home employee who will help her in her reckless endeavor. By dint of hard work to hide their respective feelings, it seems they may succeed in bringing about Emma's final objective.



2018 Emma Peeters
2008 Get Born
2006 Anna ne sait pas (short)

"In the era of positive thinking, one has to admit: people are not happier than they used to be. Most do not have the life they dreamed of. And to avoid frustration, they make compromises with their ideal. Our heroine, out of step with her times, imagines a radical solution to escape boredom, mediocrity and the unbearable contemplation of herself: take her own life. Emma Peeters aims to pep up the existential genre by its slight derision and caustic wit. It is a refreshing comedy, a quirky romance, where black humor brushes with candid moments reminding us of the simple pleasures in being alive."
After graduating from the University of Brussels with majors in journalism and scriptwriting, Nicole Palo (United States, 1977) studied in Denmark at the European Film College, where she directed several short films in digital format. In 2005, she directed the short film Anna ne sait pas, shot on Super-16mm. In 2008, she won the micro-budget feature film contest organized by Cinéastes Associés, supported by ARTE and the Belgian French community. She directed Get Born from the script she wrote on the theme "Being 20." She also works as an expert for the MEDIA Programme of the European Union (Creative Europe) and as consultant for several production companies.

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