by Alessandro Capitani
Italy, 2021, 90', color
Screenplay: Alessandro Capitani,
Francesca Scialanca, Giuditta Avossa
18:00 Teatro Goldoni Reservation required on giornatedegliautori.com
18:00 mymovies.it Available by subscription from Italy for 72 hours

Daniele Ciprì
Adriano Patruno
Michele Braga

production design
Ludovica Ferrario
Nicoletta Taranta

Michele Riondino
Hadas Yaron
Paolo Pierobon
Orlando Forte
with the special participation of
Alessandro Haber

Riccardo Di Pasquale
Fenix Entertainment
with Rai Cinema
executive producer
Gabriele Oricchio

Fenix Entertainment



Valerio and his six-year-old son, Carlo, live in the attic above the apartment they've been evicted from. Every time new tenants arrive, they terrify them by pretending to be ghosts, in the hopes of being able to move back "downstairs". To Carlo, it's just a game that protects him from their poverty and his motherless condition. It even works, for a while, until Myriam and her daughter Emma arrive, in flight from her abusive husband. And Myriam's not afraid of ghosts…



2021 I nostri fantasmi
2018 In viaggio con Adele (short)
2015 Bellissima (short)
2012 La legge di Jennifer (short)
2011 Come prima, più di prima, mi amerò (doc)

"Of all the hurdles you encounter in your life, one that is particularly daunting is not being able to come to accept your own past. The challenge lies in integrating that past, especially if it's painful and unresolved, with your own present. So, if there's been dissonance in your life and wounds that haven't healed, or even worse, absences that have left their mark, you tend to think that you can't do anything about it. Which is sort of what happens to Valerio, the protagonist of this film. Valerio just can't look back without seeing emptiness and disappointment, nothing else. Since he can't close those open wounds, he decides to get around them by turning the present into a 'game,' hoping in vain to protect his son Carlo from that outside world that instead of 'giving' to him, suddenly and egotistically took it all: a partner, a job, and a place to live." [Alessandro Capitani]

Alessandro Capitani (Orbetello, 1980) received a degree from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome in 2009. His short film La legge di Jennifer won the Cinemaster at the 2013 Silver Ribbons and earned him a grant from Universal Studios in Hollywood. In 2016 his next short, Bellissima, won the David di Donatello for Best Short Film. I nostri fantasmi is his first narrative feature.

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