by Ivano De Matteo
Italy, 2021, 18', color
Screenplay: Ivano De Matteo
21:30 Sala Laguna Public, free entrance V.O. ITA sub ENG
Reservation required on

cinematography, editing, sound
Ivano De Matteo


Ivano De Matteo
Utopia Film

italian press office
Viviana Ronzitti

A man leaves the house with two bananas hidden in his pockets, while another does tai chi in the deserted streets of Rome. Another wearing an animal pelt walks alongside an electric stroller pushed by an elegant elderly lady with platinum-blond hair. A Roma woman, a card player, an acrobat, two odd lovers. A pair of nuns trots swiftly by while two singular individuals play the harmonica, their dogs barking along to the tune. The baristas peek out of the San Calisto saloon to see what's up. Everyone's waiting for the duel to begin; even the seagulls circle overhead like vultures. Then the two duelers meet. One look, one shot, a siren. And the square reverts right back to lockdown, as if nothing had ever happened.



2021 Trastwest (short)
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2016 La vita possibile
2014 I nostri ragazzi
2012 Gli equilibristi
2009 La bella gente
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"During the lockdown, in Rome, I came across a scene that was surreal. Two middle-aged men, alone in Piazza San Calisto in Trastevere, faced off in a duel using two bananas. One even provided the soundtrack from A Fistful of Dollars, on a speaker. Instinctively, I started filming in slow motion. Then I thought I'd keep at it, in slow motion like the time around us. The other characters magically popped up out of nowhere, ready to join in. Wordlessly, just with their faces, being there. These are people who don't usually come out of the woodwork. This is Trastwest: a duel between reason and folly; between the new Trastevere and the Old West." [Ivano De Matteo] 

Ivano De Matteo got his start in 1990, with a diploma from the theater workshop Il Mulino di Fiora, directed by Perla Peragallo. An actor, director and documentarian constantly seeking a uniquely personal style, he ranges from the stage to the screen and the small screen. He founded the theater troupe Il Cantiere with Valentina Ferlan (author and screenwriter) in 1993. In 1995, he founded the small production company Utopia Film.

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