by Daniele Segre
Italy, 2021, 52', color
Screenplay: Daniele Segre, Tonino De Bernardi
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Alessio Nicastro
Daniele Segre
music and sound
Domenico De Fazio

Tonino De Bernardi
Daniele Segre
Alessio Nicastro
Domenico De Fazio

Daniele Segre
I Cammelli

with the support of
Film Commission Torino Piemonte

Tonino De Bernardi - Un tempo, un incontro is a film about the duel between two friends who are very different from one another. Two different approaches, two characters, two views that only seem antithetical meet and then open up in front of a camera. Or, more precisely, in front of the cameras. On the one hand, the eye of Daniele Segre. On the other hand, Tonino's, which almost taints the film's aesthetics. The film's development conveys a sense of immediacy, which is a fundamental principle for both directors. Daniele films Tonino and Tonino films Daniele, and this takes place in a play of associations, and in the space of an encounter. The two directors have seized this opportunity to swap views and experiences. 



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"Making a film about Tonino De Bernardi has been on my mind for many years. One day he was in Turin and came to visit me at my studio I Cammelli to talk about the new film project he was working on. That's when the idea sparked and we decided together to launch this project, one that is very dear to me because it tells the story of independent filmmaking through the figure of Tonino De Bernardi, with whom I have been friends for over 35 years. Taking this action allows me to bear witness to and talk about a legendary figure from the Italian underground and independent cinema scene; someone who has, with great determination, been able to carry out so many unique artistic projects." [Daniele Segre]

Daniele Segre (Alessandria, 1952) is an author, film and theater director and professor of documentary filmmaking. His films have almost always been broadcast on public networks and screened at the Venice Film Festival, as well as various other national and international festivals, receiving many awards, including the Giuliani De Negri Award at the Venice Film Festival, the Golden Tulip at the Istanbul International Festival, the CICAE award at the Annecy Italian Film Festival, the Filmmakers Award, and the NICE award in New York. Since 1996 he has taught the course "Cinema in reality" at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Since 2014 he has directed the course in reporting held on the Abruzzo campus of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - National Film School.

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