by Sabina Guzzanti
Italy, 2021, 92', color
21:30 Sala Laguna Public, free entrance V.O. ITA sub ENG
Reservation required on giornatedegliautori.com

Chicca Ungaro
Irene Vecchio

Giorgio Giampà
Marta Lucchesini
Bruno Gilsberg

executive producer
Salvatore Pecoraro
Secol Superbo e Sciocco 

in association with

italian press office
Lucrezia Viti & Livia Delle Fratte

The main character of the film is a 17,000-m2 building occupied by squatters, famous for the intervention of the papal almoner in helping its residents; it is a political and social experiment in progress. Voting on issues keeps getting postponed; a performance has unusual rules and objectives. These two plot lines interact with each other in surprising ways, even for the film's creators, and this allows us to understand a situation the existence of which we could never have imagined, one that seems remote and yet so familiar.



2021 Spin Time. Che fatica la democrazia! 
2014 La trattativa (doc)
2011 Franca, la prima (doc)
2010 Draquila - L'Italia che trema (doc)
2007 Le ragioni dell'aragosta (doc)
2005 Viva Zapatero! (doc)
2002 Bimba - È clonata una stella
1998 Donna selvaggia (short)

"The decision to make this film was inspired by something almost comical, in any case sudden and intense, after I got to know Christina Zoniou's work in theater and also heard about a gesture of civil disobedience by the pope's almoner, who switched back on the electricity in a building occupied by 180 indigent families. The slogan you could use to publicize Spin Time is 'the poor as you've never seen them before.' It's the world of the invisible, who don't play the victims here; instead, they make an admirable attempt, often doomed to failure, to live with dignity, as a political subject able to express its own culture." [Sabina Guzzanti]

Sabina Guzzanti is an actress, a satirist, a writer and director of plays, narrative feature films and documentaries, and also an author. In television, she got her start in La TV delle ragazze and went on to programs such as AvanziPippo Chennedy and Riot. Her acting credits include roles in The Camels and Troppo sole, both by Giuseppe Bertolucci. In 2002 she directed her first feature film, Bimba. Her 2005 film Viva Zapatero! was widely acclaimed, and she followed it up with Sympathy for the LobsterDraquila and The State-Mafia Pact.

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