by Stefania Muresu
Italy, 2021, 49', color
Screenplay: Stefania Muresu, Fabian Volti
21:30 Sala Laguna Public, free entrance V.O. ITA sub ENG
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21:30 Available by subscription from Italy for 72 hours
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Stefania Muresu
Enrico Masi
Stefania Muresu
Carlo Doneddu

Jacopo Bonora
Enrico Masi
Stefania Muresu

Favour Osazuwa
Suor Regina Sanna
Julieth N.Edward
Eliana Vacca
Loveth Osazuwa

Stefano Croci
Stefano Migliore
executive producer
Davide Rabacchin

in collaboration with
Roda Film
with the support of
Regione autonoma della Sardegna

Princesa is a young Nigerian woman who arrived in Sardinia as a victim of human trafficking. There is a syncretism on the island, between the beliefs of a primitive animism, traditional Christianity and the more recent faith of the Nigerian Evangelical church. Princesa's face reflects an inner world dominated by fear, the break with her own land, and the desire to make good in a new one. Footage shot during a Nigerian funeral rite and a sequence from a Nollywood drama both contain biographical traces of the lead character. Princesa has made a choice, but she is not yet free.



2021 Princesa (doc)
2017 Sulla stessa barca (doc)
2014 Luci a mare (doc)

"The urgency of making this film started with meeting Princesa and the mutual desire to leave a record of her story and those of many other Nigerian women. This encounter happened in a shelter for victims of the sex market in Cagliari: she landed there after escaping a trafficking network that runs prostitution in Italy. In our meetings, Princesa appears elusive, hard to pin down, and absorbed by a search that involved us both. The camera itself was a tool of dialogue, a bidirectional gaze that collected fragments of life from her own reality and my imagination." [Stefania Muresu]

Stefania Muresu (1979) is a documentary filmmaker and visual sociologist. After obtaining her degree from the University of Urbino, she trained as a photography and visual ethnographer in Seville. Then, she attended the School of Filmic and Visual Sociology at the University of Genoa. Her films have been screened at festivals, academic institutions, and cultural organizations in Italy and abroad. In 2014, she co-directed Luci a mare. In 2016, she took over as artistic director of a participatory film project under the aegis of the Sardinia Region. In 2017, she directed Sulla stessa barca, her first feature-length documentary, which competed at the Festival Visioni dal Mondo. After three years doing research, she wrote, filmed and directed Princesa.

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