by Ciro De Caro
Italy, 2021, 109', color
Screenplay: Ciro De Caro, Rosa Palasciano
21:30 Sala Laguna Public, free entrance V.O. ITA sub ENG
Reservation required on
21:30 Available by subscription from Italy for 72 hours
15:00 Cinema Rossini Tickets

Manuele Mandolesi
Jacopo Reale
Roberto Colella
Michele Boreggi

production design
Valentina Di Geronimo
Chiara Landi

Rosa Palasciano
Valerio Di Benedetto
Fabrizio Ciavoni
Cristian Di Sante

Ugo Baistrocchi
Maurizio De Arcangelis
Michael Fantauzzi
Fare Cinema

world sales
Coccinelle Film Sales

international press office
Gloria Zerbinati

italian press office
Silvia Saitta

with the collaboration
of Arianna Monteverdi

Giulia is constantly torn between the need to feel at home and be loved and a wild desire for freedom. One day she finds herself homeless and begins, in her own crazy way, to seek shelter and her own place in the world. Between an illusory desire for motherhood and ways to make ends meet, she spends the hottest days of a torrid Roman summer surrounded by elusive characters with empty lives, yet pure and wonderful like her. In a limbo made up of nothing (and everything), Giulia understands that it is up to her to decide how to live, or not to live, her own life. 



2021 Giulia
2016 Acqua di Marzo
2013 Spaghetti Story

"Giulia is about something that you can't either touch, see or tell. About a group of crazy, happy-go-lucky characters, living in conditions that would drive anyone used to a life of certainties utterly mad. It's a film that weaves from side to side, and I tried to tell its story through the gaze of someone who is surprised by what happens. I wanted to show, with extreme realism, all the beauty and drama of these characters I am deeply in love with, respecting my own idea of cinema by making tough choices and without resorting to strangeness for its own sake, nor to what is tried and tested, or the easy way out." [Ciro De Caro]

After making his first short films as a film student, Ciro De Caro (Rome, 1975) began working as a commercial director. In 2013 he made his directorial debut with his first feature film Spaghetti Story, a small independent film that was a surprise hit with audiences and was highly acclaimed by critics. Three years later, he directed his second feature film, Acqua di MarzoGiulia is his third film.

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