Congratulations, Roberto!

Giornate degli Autori, its president Andrea Purgatori and delegate Giorgio Gosetti welcome the appointment of Roberto Cicutto as President of the Venice Biennale.

This is also a fitting occasion to thank the outgoing president of the Venice Biennale, Paolo Baratta, as well as General Director Andrea Del Mercato, for their long-standing collaboration with Giornate degli Autori, the independent sidebar of the Venice Film Festival created by the Italian filmmakers' associations ANAC and 100autori.

In the coming years, the Venice Film Festival, hence the Venice Biennale, will undeniably be facing challenges in the area of film promotion and film culture that are there for all to see, and the current economic climate makes their mission even more important. As for us, Giornate vows to provide the Biennale its full support and reiterates its commitment to making its showcase a success, which will only enhance the offerings of the oldest and most authoritative film festival in the world.

Thanks to Roberto Cicutto's passion and competence and his experienced board of directors, the entire Biennale will go from strength to strength. Yet there is no question that Roberto's grasp of every aspect of the film industry will be invaluable particularly to the mandate of the Director of the Venice Film Festival, Alberto Barbera, with whom we have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration for all these many years.

All the best in your new venture, Roberto!