Official Selection

Three Adventures of Brooke

by Yuan Qing
China, Malaysia, 2018, 100', color, DCP
Screenplay: Yuan Qing
Friday 31 August 2018
22:00 Sala Perla 2 Press, Industry
Thursday 06 September 2018
17:00 Sala Perla Tickets, All Accreditations
Followed by Q&A
Friday 07 September 2018
22:00 Sala Perla 2 Tickets, All Accreditations

Yuan Qing
Zhu Jinjing
Yuan Qing

Howie B
Andrew Lok
Wei Junhua
Qu Weijun
production design
Wang Zhi

Xu Fangyi (Brooke)
Pascal Greggory (Pierre)
Ribbon (Ailing)
Kam Kia Kee (Fong)
Allan Toh Wei Lun (Chi Tong)
Lim Yi Xin (Captain)
Zhan Zizhen (Zhen)
Andrew Lok (Uncle Land)

Beijing Beauty Culture Communication
Mil Production
Boxin Media
Ji Wei
Fang Hanyuan
Bai Haotian

JQK Production
Midnight Blur Films
Tianjin Tandem Culture Commucation
Jiaxuan Film Culture Media
Zhu Jinjing
Wang Zi
Xu Jiahan
Chen Zifeng

world sales
Parallax Films

press office
Gloria Zerbinati
+33 7 86800282
+39 338 1200517

Xingxi travels alone to Alor Setar, a town in Northern Malaysia. As a consequence of a blown tire, she experiences three separate adventures. She introduces herself to people using different identities that harbor mysterious secrets. In return, what the journey brings her is thoroughly unexpected. In the first adventure, she is Brooke, a traveler; in the second adventure, Brooke is an anthropologist; in the third, Brooke is a divorcée. She is a disheartened woman who comes across a French writer named Pierre. The two lonely travelers become instant friends. Their age gap enables them to share their respective insights into life and death. Meanwhile, it is not until the enigmatic side of Alor Setar begins to unfold that Brooke tells Pierre the true reason why she has come. They seek to understand the interaction between love and life. As the story comes to an end, Mother Nature shows her beauty, with the magical ‘Blue Tears' phenomenon on prominent display.



2018 Three Adventures of Brooke
2012 Human Vessel (short)

"Everyone is its own small, lonely planet. It is only with some luck and chance do we wind up together in the same orbit, traveling in the same direction regardless of time spent together, long or short. When we finally part ways at the end of our journey, we say ‘take care of yourself' before we return to our own separate paths. Three stories, same female heroine, same scenery, and at the same time. But due to the slight changes in the universe, Brooke experienced three different but wonderful journeys. These journeys in turn helped her grow as a person. With my sincere and deepest respect to Eric Rohmer, I hope my film can demonstrate the light, warm, private and controlled side of ‘life's uncertainties' through the eyes of a young woman."
Yuan Qing, whose real name is Deng Xiaoxi, is a film director and editor. She graduated with a degree in directing from Beijing Film Academy. Her thesis film Human Vessel (2012) uses fragmentary montage with multiple narrative layers to tell the story of a female director's innermost feelings. With a strong personal style, this short film was selected and shown at several film festivals in China and internationally. In 2016, she was the editor for the film Mr. No Problem directed by Mei Feng, which won the Best Artistic Contribution award at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Three Adventures of Brooke is her debut feature.

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