Venetian Nights

L'unica lezione

by Peter Marcias
Italy, 2018, 14', color, DCP
Screenplay: Andrea Perra, Davide Orrù, Alberto Pitzalis, Simona Loddo, Alessandro Mura
Monday 03 September 2018
21:00 Villa degli Autori Free Entrance, upon seats availability

Andrea Perra
Davide Orrù
Alberto Pitzalis
Simona Loddo
Alessandro Mura

Elisa Meloni
Francesco Pupillo
Andrea Lotta

Stefano Guzzetti
Federico Tummolo
Simone Paderi
Stefano Angioni

Riccardo Cara
Mostafa Ghoratolhamid

Ultima Onda Produzioni
Kio Film
Celcam, Università di Cagliari

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This is a special day for Riccardo. He is on his way to enroll at university. In the middle of his journey, an extraordinary encounter will completely change his plans and he will feel a strong urge to reconsider his Iranian origins.



"Abbas Kiarostami is a Master of cinema. He is no longer with us, but his film art plays a tangible role in our imagination. A "giant" of a director, who was able to "capture" my youth. While casually rummaging through my private files, I found an old video of the Master, secretly filmed in Cagliari in 2001. L'unica lezione is a short film made with students at Cagliari University during my first course as a Film Direction Professor. My students and I watched Kiarostami's films again and commented on them. The "end result" is this project - which I am proud of for its emotion-filled moments and the words of great fascination and true poetry written by the Master".

Peter Marcias (Oristano, 1977) made his directorial debut in 2006 with the anthology film Bambini (episode Sono Alice), in competition at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Giffoni Film Festival. He then directed Ma la Spagna non era cattolica? (2007), Un attimo sospesi (2008) and the documentary Liliana Cavani, una donna nel cinema (2010), which screened at Giornate degli Autori and the Moscow Film Festival. His I bambini della sua vita (2011) won the Globo d'Oro for best actress (Piera Degli Esposti). In 2012, Marcias' film Dimmi che destino avrò was presented at the Torino Film Festival. The following year, Marcias returned to Torino with Tutte le storie di Piera. In 2015 his film La nostra quarantena premiered at the Pesaro Festival of New Cinema, while his 2017 film Silenzi e parole screened at the European Film Festival in Lecce. In 2018 his documentary A Look at the Earth premiered at the Trieste Film Festival and the London International Documentary Film Festival.

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