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Dead Women Walking

by Hagar Ben-Asher
United States, 2018, 100', color, DCP
Screenplay: Hagar Ben-Asher
Monday 03 September 2018
22:30 Sala Perla 2 Tickets, All Accreditations

In collaboration with the Tribeca Film Festival
Hagar Ben-Asher
David Stragmeister

Nimrod Goldstein
Guy Nemesh
Ron Omer

Emir Isilay
Ronen Nagel
production design
Yong Ok Lee

June Carryl (Donna)
Ben Zevelansky (Jeff)
Joy Nash (Wendy)
Jeryl Prescott (Sarah)
Maya Lynne Robinson (Helen)
Ashton Sanders (Troy)
Mark Totty (John)
Dale Dickey (Rebecca)

Blackpills & HK Corp
Clara Levy
Lorne Hiltser
Michael M. McGuire

Nine vignettes depict the stages leading to execution for women on death row in this emotional account of the human toll of the death penalty - on both the inmates and those they encounter in their final hours. As we experience their last moments of reckoning, Dead Women Walking poignantly examines how the issues of violence against women, poverty, and racial tension and injustice contribute to their tragic fate.



2018 Dead Women Walking
2016 Haporetzet (The Burglar)
2011 Ha-Notenet (The Slut)
2007 Mishfolim (Pathways, short)

"In depicting these narratives, the film navigates the moral and ethical minefield the death penalty has created within the justice system, while also acknowledging the complexities of life, law, justice, and human nature. As there is never one answer to such complex questions, I believe filmmaking can raise the questions in a simple way, as emotions are involved. Having said all that, this is not a film only about the death penalty, but all of the events that have led our subjects to this point, including their socioeconomic circumstances, their personal/emotional histories, the fact that women are the fastest increasing population in prisons, the unsolved dialectics between a victim and a victimizer, and the harsh statistic saying 88 percent of women in prisons are women who were sexually assaulted or abused in other horrible ways. Even though this film, and the making of it, was a demanding situation to jump into, the stories of the women are stories of love, of all sorts: love that drives you crazy, love that builds your life, and love that sets you free."
Hagar Ben-Asher, an Israeli screenwriter, director and actress, graduated in 2007 from Tel Aviv's Minshar for Art - School and Center. Her graduation film, Mish'olim (Pathways), was selected by Cannes' Cinéfondation and won the best short film award at Stockholm's Film Festival. Four years later she made her first feature film, Ha-Notenet (The Slut), also screened at Cannes, at the International Critics' Week. In 2016 she wrote and directed Haporetzet (The Burglar), but didn't act in it. This year, her film Dead Women Walking screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in the Viewpoints section.

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