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Goodbye Marilyn

by Maria Di Razza
Italy, 2018, 13', color, DCP
Screenplay: Oliviero Del Papa
Saturday 01 September 2018
11:30 Sala Perla Press, Industry
Friday 07 September 2018
17:00 Sala Perla Tickets, All Accreditations

Oliviero Del Papa
Pietro D'Onofrio

Antonio Fresa
Dario Calvari

Maria Pia Di Meo (Marilyn)
Gianni Canova (journalist)
Lucia Rocco (girl)

Antonietta De Lillo

in collaboration with
Zen Movie
with the support of
Film Commission Regione Campania

world sales
Zen Movie

press office
Lionella Bianca Fiorillo
+39 340 736420

On her ninetieth birthday, Marilyn Monroe receives a letter from a journalist who would like to interview her. The great Hollywood diva has not given an interview for fifty years, not since her unexplained permanent retirement. Surprisingly, Marilyn decides to make an exception. The journalist tries to decipher the mystery behind the woman who, at the height of her success, gave up fame in the name of freedom, and became a legend.



2018 Goodbye Marilyn (short)
2016 (In)Felix (short)
2014 Facing Off (short)
2013 Forbici (short)
2007 Ipazia (short)

"The graphic novel written by Francesco Barilli and illustrated by Roberta Sacchi was the perfect starting point for an animated short film. [...] The Marilyn who retired from the scene fifty years ago is not an ascetic nor a moralist who disowns everything that made her famous. This Marilyn has consciously chosen to remove herself from it all and to manage her time with the freedom that she had given up in order to become a diva. A diva does not truly belong to herself, but to the films that immortalize her on the silver screen and perhaps even more, to her fans". [Maria Di Razza]
Maria Di Razza has a degree in mathematics and is involved professionally in the field of computer science. In 2007 she attended a film directing course at the Pigrecemme Film School in Naples and in the same year she directed Ipazia. In 2013 she made the animated short film Forbici, which deals with the theme of femicide and was one episode of the anthology film Oggi insieme, domani anche, a Marechiarofilm documentary supervised by Antonietta De Lillo. In 2014 she made the animated short film Facing Off, which also explores the world of women through the observation of women's bodies in transformation. In 2016 she made (In)Felix, a dystopian animated fantasy about the "Land of Fires". It imagines an apocalyptic future in which the inhabitants of the Giugliano area north of Naples are forced to emigrate en masse because their contaminated territory has been declared off limits.

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