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Il bene mio - My Own Good

by Pippo Mezzapesa
Italy, 2018, 95', color, DCP
Screenplay: Antonella Gaeta, Massimo De Angelis, Pippo Mezzapesa
Wednesday 05 September 2018
11:45 Sala Perla Tickets, All Accreditations
Thursday 06 September 2018
18:30 IMG Cinemas Candiani - Mestre Tickets
Thursday 06 September 2018
18:30 Cinema Rossini Tickets

Antonella Gaeta
Massimo De Angelis
Pippo Mezzapesa

Giorgio Giannoccaro
Andrea Facchini

Gabriele Panico
Franco Eco

Gigi Gallo
production design
Michele Modafferi
Sara Fanelli

Sergio Rubini (Elia)
Sonya Mellah (Noor)
Dino Abbrescia (Gesualdo)
Francesco De Vito (Pasquale)
Michele Sinisi (Gustavo)
Caterina Valente (Maria)
Teresa Saponangelo (Rita)

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The last remaining inhabitant of Provvidenza, a village destroyed by an earthquake, Elia refuses to go along with the rest of the community, which has resettled in Nuova Provvidenza and put the past behind them. To Elia, his town is still alive, and thanks to the help of an old friend, Gesualdo, he strains to keep its memory alive as well. When the mayor orders him to abandon Provvidenza, Elia seems to be on the point of pulling up stakes, when he suddenly senses a strange presence. In fact, a young woman, Noor, is hiding in the rubble of the school, where Elia's wife had lost her life. Noor is on the run, and this chance encounter, coupled with Elia's own desire as keeper of the flame for Provvidenza, brings him up against a decision from which there is no going back.



2018 Il bene mio (My Own Good)
2017 La Giornata (short)
2013 Settanta (short)
2012 Pinuccio Lovero - Yes I Can (doc)
2011 Il paese delle spose infelici (Annalisa)
2009 L'altra metà (short)
2008 Pinuccio Lovero
Sogno di una morte di mezza estate (doc)
2006 Come a Cassano (short)
2004 Zinanà (short)

"I've always found ghost towns and abandoned houses disturbing, like those roads to nowhere where you can hear echoes of a vanished past. Likewise, I'm fascinated by people who choose to be the caretakers of such forgotten, betrayed places. This is why I decided to make a film about the struggle of Elia, the last inhabitant of the town Provvidenza: his holding out, his strenuous efforts to piece a fractured community back together. The lights of the new town on the horizon, representing resignation and conformism, hold out the promise of a new life, but Elia needs to remember, not flee, in order for his wounds to heal."
Pippo Mezzapesa is an Italian screenwriter and director. His short films include: Zinanà (David di Donatello, 2004), Come a CassanoL'altra metà (nomination for the David di Donatello and Globo d'Oro; special mention at the Silver Ribbon Awards), Settanta (2012 Silver Ribbon; nomination for the David di Donatello), La giornata (Special Silver Ribbon; nomination for the David di Donatello and Globo d'Oro). Of his two documentaries, Pinuccio Lovero - Sogno di una morte di mezza estate premiered at the International Film Critics' Week at Venice, and Pinuccio Lovero - Yes I Can was selected for the Rome Film Festival's Prospettiva Italia section. His first feature film, Il paese delle spose infelici (Annalisa), screened in competition at the Rome Film Festival.

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