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As If We Were Tuna

by Francesco Zizola
Italy, 2018, 18', color, DCP
Thursday 30 August 2018
22:00 Sala Perla 2 Tickets, All Accreditations

Francesco Zizola
Elisabetta Abrami

Carlo Purpura
Bernard Bursill-Hall

Between April and June, large shoals of bluefin tuna come in from the ocean to reach the clear and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. And skilled Italian tonnaroti, the tuna fishermen, lay in wait, casting big and complex nets into the sea - tuna traps tied to floats and ready to lead the fish through a maze of chambers. Among the various chambers created by the nets, the most important for the purpose of fishing and catching tuna is the "death chamber," so called because it hosts the killing or la mattanza. La mattanza is not only the closing act in tuna fishing, but is also a sacred ritual which has inspired poets and philosophers through the ages.



2018 As If We Were Tuna (cm)
2015 In the Same Boat (cm)
2014 La profondità del silenzio (cm)

"With As If We Were Tuna, I wanted to craft a narrative that offers a complex vision of the ancient and sustainable method of fishing tuna. I am interested in suggesting a metaphor for the eternal conflict between man and nature, a reflection on the hubris of men."
Francesco Zizola has documented the world's major conflicts and their hidden crises for the last 25 years. His assignments and personal projects have taken him around the world, giving him the opportunity to carefully portray forgotten crises and relevant issues often disregarded by the mainstream media. He has received several awards over the years, including ten awards in World Press Photo contests and six Picture of the Year International awards. He has published seven books, among which Uno Sguardo Inadeguato (2013), Iraq (2007) and Born Somewhere (2004). In 2003 Henri Cartier Bresson included one of Zizola's pictures among his 100 favourites. This collection was made into an exhibition - Les Choix d'Henri Cartier Bresson - and a book. In 2008 he founded 10b Photography, a multipurpose center for digital photography promoting photography culture through exhibitions, workshops, and lectures. He was awarded the Contemporary Issue award in the World Press Photo 2016 for his series In the same boat. With the photographic images and videos of the same series, he made a short film that won the first prize in the Multimedia News Story category of Poy in 2016, the Pictures of the Year International.

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