Showcasing Europe's Flair for Cinema

This morning during the press conference presenting the Giornate degli Autori, the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, announced the three finalist films for the 2017:
 LUX Film Prize:

BPM (Beats Per Minute), by Robin Campillo, France
Sámi Blood, by Amanda Kernell, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Western, by Valeska Grisebach, Germany, Bulgaria, Austria

Silvia Costa, coordinator of the European Parliament's Commission on Culture and Education, participated via video link.

The 3 films in Competition are part of the LUX Film Prize Official Selection which was unveiled at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on July 2nd.

This year marks the 11th edition of the LUX Film Prize, and it is with a renewed pride that we unveil the Official Competition at the press conference of our oldest partner: the Giornate degli Autori. Indeed, it is the ninth year of partnership between the LUX Film Prize of the European Parliament and Giornate.

From October to December, BPM (Beats Per Minute), Sámi Blood, and Western will become the core of the 2017 LUX Film Days and, will be screened in more than 50 cities and several festivals across 28 EU countries. With each film subtitled into the 24 official EU languages, all Europeans will be able to discover these films and identify with the topics they address.

Herein lies the uniqueness of the initiative of the European Parliament: by creating the framework for a European public space, the LUX Film Prize is a tool that shows the complexity of a European identity, as it interprets and presents the realities of European successes and challenges.

This year's LUX Film Days will again take advantage of the cooperation between the European Parliament Information Offices and the Creative Europe MEDIA Desks, to strengthen visibility and broaden the audience.

The 3 films in the Official Competition showcase the LUX Film Prize's desire to embrace an unpredictable variety of genre and tones like never before:
Robin Campillo's third film follows a group of Act Up activists who fight to lend the AIDS problem more visibility in 1992 France and encourage faster progress to be made in terms of research and prevention.
Amanda Kernell's debut feature tells the vibrant tale of a young Lapp girl who dreams of a different life and distances herself from her community with great anguish because of the racist attitudes they have to face.
Valeska Grisebach's third feature injects a story about German workers on a construction site for a hydroelectric power station in Bulgaria with ingredients from the cowboys-and-Indians classics, addressing the issues of economic immigration and integration.
The 3 finalists will be subtitled in the 24 official languages of the European Union, while the winning film, voted for by the Members of the European Parliament, will be further adapted for visually and hearing impaired. The winner will also receive promotional support during its international release.

This year, 28 Times Cinema, another outcome of the fruitful partnership between the European Parliament LUX Film Prize and Giornate degli Autori, kicks off for the eighth time. Thanks to the collaboration with Europa Cinemas and Cineuropa, 28 young cinephiles aged 18 to 26 will get the chance to act as the jury for the Giornate degli Autori Award. Additionally, the group will be totally immersed in the LUX Film Prize experience, discussing the 3 films of the Official Competition. This special event is ample preparation for their role as LUX Film Prize ambassadors - when presenting, the 6th edition of the LUX Film Days in their respective countries.

During the LUX Film Days period, all 751 members of the European Parliament will be invited to vote for one of three films in competition. On November15th, the winner of the LUX Film Prize will be announced at the formal sitting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg in the presence of the directors.