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by Ameer Fakher Eldin
Syria, Germany, Palestine, Qatar, 2021, 112', color
Screenplay: Ameer Fakher Eldin
22:00 Sala Astra 1 Press, Industry
22:15 Sala Astra 2  Press, Industry
16:00 Sala Perla All Accreditations
Followed by Q&A
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Niklas Lindschau
Ameer Fakher Eldin
Rami Nakhleh
Stefan Bück
production design
Bashar Hassuneh
Hamada Atallah

Ashraf Barhoum
Amal Kais
Mohammad Bakri
Amer Hlehel
Hitham Omari
Mahmoud Abu Jazi
Elham Araf
Cila Abusaleh

Tony Copti
Jiries Copti
Dorothe Beinemeier 
Fresco Films
Red Balloon Film
Moayad Dib
Fayçal Hassairi
Anas Azrak
Ahmad Zalabieh 
executive producers
Gwen G. Wynne
Carol Ann Shine

Metafora Production
with the support of
MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
Doha Film Institute
Culture Resource (AL MAWRED)
The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - AFAC

In a small village in the occupied Golan Heights, the life of a desperate unlicensed doctor, who is going through an existential crisis, takes another unlucky turn when he encounters a man wounded in the war in Syria. Overturning all community expectations in times of war and national crisis, he ventures forth to meet his newly found destiny.



2021 Al garib
2017 Voicemail (short)
2015 Between Two Deaths (short)
2012 Thanatos Gaze (doc)

"The occupied Syrian Golan is often referred to as the forgotten occupation. More than fifty years after its occupation by Israel in 1967, the plight of the Syrian population is unknown to many. I wrote and directed the film experiencing the sounds of the war in my motherland, echoing far from behind the hills and the repulsive border with Syria. Where are these wars? Are they beyond the border of the occupation? Or within the borders of my native country? To whom does this war belong? What is the role of these borders and their barbed wire here? [...] The film tells the story of Adnan who tries, unsuccessfully, to live a life different from the one his father wanted for him. In a way, through his story, we can gaze into the souls of the victims of every patriarchal society. Portraying the women - in the film as in reality - as the only characters that represent hope." [Ameer Fakher Eldin]

Ameer Fakher Eldin is a Syrian screenwriter and director. He was born in the former Soviet Union to Syrian parents from the occupied Golan Heights. After earning his BA in Film Studies, he made several award-winning short films. Fakher Eldin serves as a jury member on various film funds. His debut film The Stranger is also the first feature film from the Golan Heights. His new film project, "Nothing of Nothing Remains", is in development.

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