Amphibians on Stage and Screen

Tuesday 04 September 2018
15:30 Villa degli Autori 

Theater and film have been contending the spotlight for over a century, without ever relinquishing their own identities, each finding invaluable guidance, inspiration, energy, technique and artistic talent in the other. To understand the fertile ground they share, it helps to focus on actors and directors who are ‘amphibians': that is, in Angelo Curti's definition, those who excel both on the stage and on the screen. Presentation of the book Teatro e cinema: un amore non (sempre) corrisposto. La storia, le testimonianze degli artisti, le buone pratiche, edited by Oliviero Ponte di Pino (FrancoAngeli, Milan, 2018).
Angelo Curti, Marina Fabbri, Laura Mariani, Rosalba Ruggeri and Oliviero Ponte di Pino (collaborators on the project)
Daniela Niccolò and Enrico Casagrande (Motus)

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